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Offering Tarot, Crystal Ball, and Palm Readings

Psychic Messengers is proud to offer a range of psychic services to customers in the Brentwood, California, area. All of our reading services are priced at $65 each. A crystal ball reading is included with each main reading service.

Tarot Readings

When you arrive for your tarot reading, we'll get started right away, without asking you any questions that might otherwise lead the session in a different direction. We'll lay out your cards, bringing up the names and descriptions of people you're curious about, dates, times, and even readings of your future. Such is the accuracy of our readings that we can predict the hair and eye color of the person you're reading about during your session. There are no time limits on any session; every person is different and sessions may be shorter or longer depending on each person's needs. These readings are a great choice for those who wish to change their lives for the better.

Psychic Readings

Our psychic readings are one-on-one sessions. We'll read your vibrations to provide you with information that will enhance your personal and professional life.

Tarot Reading

Palm Readings

During your palm reading, we'll hold your right hand and read your life, love, and success lines. We can tell you how many times you'll be married, how many children you'll have in your lifetime, and other details.

Crystal Ball Reading

Our crystal ball readings are included with each of our other reading services. The use of a crystal ball allows us greater clarity and energy to see even deeper into your life, for a more precise reading. Please note that you must be definite in your responses for greater clarity.